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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 12, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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? ? scare on the trail. at first complaining of being over heated, hillary clinton was unsteady and clearly needed support to enter her van. pneumonia. >> are you feeling better? >> yes, thank you very much. thank you everybody. >> but donald trump has been curiously quiet on the issue. after a weekend of war fare, a monday night syrian ceasefire hangs in the balance, but will all sides respect it. a moving 9/11.
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"early today" starts right now. >> happy monday to you kwm rr frances rivera. >> and it was a scary couple of hours until the clinton campaign came out explaining what was wrong with the secretary of state. >> we begin this morning with the nation beginning the horrific events from some 15 years ago which took 3,000 lives. but it was a race for the white house whichas after both candidates made their own planned visits to mark the occasion. and we have news this morning that hillary clinton has canceled a series of high profile events due to health concerns, after a day that may have dramatically shifted the tenure of the race after she abruptly fell ill and left during the service.
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the nominee quote she was recovering nicely, the doctor said. and look at this video. shows clinton unsteady, clearly requiring support before trying to get in her van. clinton was driven to the manhattan apartment to recooperate, however, the was not notified for over an hour. and here she is greeting reporters and onlookers before heading to her home. >> are you feeling better? >> yes, thank you. very much. >> for more we're joined by tracie potts and good morning. what more can you tell us about clinton's illness and the significance, especially with donald trump targeting her health in the past.
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because this alone may not have been the big issue, but the coughing spell that her doctors said was attributed to seasonal allergies. in 2012 she had a stomach virus that turned into dehydration and developed a blood clot which turned out to be her second blood clot. there have been public health issues for hillary clinton. and so this is raising more questions. the campaign for donald trump has questioned whether s the physical stamina, not only to run but to serve as president of the united states and obviously she and her campaign have denied that there's a problem there. neither candidate has released their full medical records. we have doctor's records from both of them. trump's doctor admitted his letter was rushed. but the bottom line, he is 70.
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second oldest ever elected, depending on who wins. >> tracie potts live for us in washington d.c. and while clinton faces tough questions on her health, donald trump is expected to sit down and talk to dr. oz about his own health and his regimen. the hardest hit firehouse during 9/11, there he was greeted by firefighters and commemorated the anniversary along former mayor, rudy giuliani. and attended the same world trade center tour that clinton was on hand for earlier. and national republicans grilled clinton, following this controversial remark earlier. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the "basket of deplorables." the islamaphobic, you name it.
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people like that. and he has lifted them up. >> and the clinton campaign quickly reversed course, apologizing, while democrats say there was nothing to make a stink about. they say it equals mitt romney's 47% mark and it all comes as clinton holding a 5-point lead among likely voters nationally. 46% to 41% and that's inee month. 45% to 35%. and today on the trail, trump delivers remarks remarks to the national coast guard. and clinton will remain off the stump, recooperating from the health scare. as sunset falls over syria in a matter of hours, a
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humanitarian aid to reach aleppo and other besieged parts of the city. the carnage between syria's government forces and the u.s.-backs opposition left at least 90 dead and over 100 wounded. matt bradley is following the deal out of london. what are the ch is going to stick? >> reporter: ahead of the ceasefire, scheduled to begin in a few hours. over 100 have been killed, mostly by the syrian government, which has pounded rebel held areas across syria. they have ramped up since russia and u.s. signed this deal to halt fighting. russia, has been on the offensive as well. striking rebel positions in aleppo and idlib.
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ceasefire. the guns were supposed to stop firing monday night, tonight. and the agreement would allow humanitarian aid to flow into block aided areas of syria, particularly aleppo. and if all of that holds up for seven days, russia and the u.s. will share intelligence and targeting data to allow them to cooperate. syria's war has seen this kind of jockying they tried to get a better position before the ceasefire begins. >> live for us in london. thanks for the update. police are searching for the suspect or suspects in a shooting that's left one dead and five others injured. gun fire erupted in birmingham's gate city community.
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at least six rescue units were called to the scene. all victims were likely innocent bistanders. ironically, an officer-involved-shooting took place at the same intersection just three days earlier. and after the commemoration of one of the dead lesh days comes to an end. >> as we saw in the days and weeks that followed and what has become even clearer in the years since is that the legacy of september 11th is not one of terror or fear, but of resilience and hope. >> we remember a day 15 years guy when we were wounded but not weakened. we remember a lesson of 9/11 that evil is real and so is curage.
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enjoy the first sunday of football and president bush was on hand for the dallas coin toss and president obama urged all americans to accept the diverse nation we are. but are we really safer than we were 15 years ago, when terrorists simultaneously hijacked planes. >> we're another 9/11 style attack but we're challenged with the home-grown violent extremists. and that requires a new government response and public participation and vigilance as well, by the way. >> that was secretary jay johnson and so many lives changed after that day, but as we say, never forget. >> and the terror threat really
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well. a college football player is in serious trouble over a shot he gave to a referee. and severe thunderstorms headed for people in nebraska and iowa today. >> yeah, this is classic fall air mass and it's colliding with the warmer air ahead of it. and this afternoon and evening from omaha up to mason city, isolated strong storms throughout minneapolis and behind the cold front, it's going to be much and afternoon thunderstorms in the southeast, down to south florida. we take you now to atlantic city, new jersey, 52 lovely ladies and one coveted crown.
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fact. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. a college football player in southern california is facing charges after this happened. >> oh, my god, the ref just got punched in the face by a player. >> mount san antonio college lineman was immediately ejected. he was arrested on suspicion of felony battery and released on sunday.
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unintentional and hitting an official could result in a 5-year ban. you're done with school by then. >> it's not the kind of sportsmanship you want to see. leading the news, police are investigating the cause behind a gruesome school bus crash. just moments after the bus driver picked up members of a high school football team, he crashed into a 15 students were transported, most with non-life threatening injuries. they have not identified the female driver but say her route is quote curious because it's not clear why she circled back to the airport. some of the countries most renowned football players continue to kneel at the national outcome.
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professional baseball player, justin veerlander. and while it was sparked by colin kaepernick, seahawks players support with interlocked arms and dolphins players took a knee and cardinals players stood together as one. and nfl commissioner, roger goodell commented during an interview with "today's" matt lauer. >> i think when our players speak out and feel about something, i think it's a good thing for us. president obama is set to meet with leaders that white house. he's trying to break dead locks in government spending and zika funding. the $487 million powerball jackpot winner have expected to come forward today. and "american ninja
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the movie "sully" grossing over $35 million in its opening weekend. "when the bough" breaks number two. and first, news on tesla's autopilot system made headlines this morning. jeff, good morning.
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to you. and you may remember of course back in may that dramatic accident involving an ohio man in florida who put his model s into autopilot and the camera had problems distinguishing the sun from a truck that crossed his path. he died in the fatality, but it forced tesla to have another look at the autopilot system. elon musk saying they are now introducing rad upgrade for the autopilot system and maybe if that upgrade had happened, that tragic accident wouldn't have taken place. so, good news for tesla drivers. while we're on the subject of driving, the average price for a gallon of fuel now $2.21. that's 4 cents higher, but somewhat cheaper than a year ago and markets having a wobble. you mentioned that.
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someof that as to what the fed is going to do? fed president suggesting it is getting close to that time. markets not too happy about a higher cost of capital. back to you. >> thank you very much. just ahead, which 16-time nominee finally took home an emmy win? and first, some sad news, actress alexis arquette died thursday she was best known for her roles in films like "the wedding singer." she was 47 years old. you're watching "early today." t? for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ? tomorrow, tomorrow... ? ? i love ya, tomorrow ? in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and
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and is less likely to cause... unwanted gas. finally. try new mirafiber. from the makers of miralax. welcome back. amy poehler won her first emmy. she had been nominated 16 times before winning this they were nominated for co hosting the holiday episode of "saturday night live" last september. and they weren't even there to accept them. >> anything they do together is absolutely hilarious. there was a big underdog win at the creative arts emmy over the weekend. from hbo's "veep" was on the
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later episode in a 10-second scene, he was disqualified. they're only considered guests when they appear in less than half of the season. and it was a big surprise when scolari won the category and hbo still made out with a win. >> he and tom hanks have been boozem buddies together and to have tom hanks sky rocket, at least he's holding it down. celebrating birthdays, jennifer hudson, 35 years old. and comedian louie c.k. 39, and actress linda gray from "dallas" 76 years old. you're watching "early today." ? ?
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i''s what's coming up on "live at daybreak"...a late night fire has left several people without a place to sleep this morning.also...the future of an area dam is up on in the air. we'll tell you what could be decided later tongiht. a light jacket at the bus stop for the kids this morning but find out which day we won't even get to 70 degrees in the
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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm bridget shanahan. vince has the shanahan. vince has the day off. let's start off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist jesse ritka. e' a beautiful start to the work week with clear skies and seasonable temperatures in the mid-70s today. the biggest problem will be the wind, kicking up from the south at 10-15mph to make it a slightly breezy day but not as windy as


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